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Are you passionate about your job in the hotel industry? Then take the next step towards advancing your successful professional career at Germany's best known hotel chain, with locations in so many enticing cities and vacation spots in Germany and abroad. Here, you can inject and further expand your professional expertise and dedicated commitment. Besides a secure workplace, we offer you the additional motivation of numerous benefits, an ongoing continuing education programme, certified training courses and lots of opportunities for advancement. 

Here are some areas of work for experienced professionals

Do you like things to be orderly and tidy, always stay on top of everything, and know exactly who has ordered what, and where it all belongs? Our employees in procurement work every day to ensure all goods needed are made available at the right time and in adequate quantities. This includes stockkeeping geared to appropriate use and consumption of goods, and providing high-end entrepreneurial and logistical services.    

Do you feel right at home in a world of numbers and budgets? If so, our financial experts would be delighted to have you help them further advance Maritim's growth. Work in the finance team is characterised by taxes, balance sheets, annual financial statements and close collaboration with executive management.

Human Resources
Do you always have an open ear and open door, and are you communicative and solution-focused? Do you train, foster and support personnel, and can you be relied on in any situation? While everyone at Maritim plays an important role, our HR staff in particular stands centre stage in our daily work. The HR team are in charge of a wide range of projects covering all aspects of recruiting and managing our permanent employees, part-time employees, trainees and temporary staff, on-boarding new team members, payroll accounting, and other functions. You won´t find more variety remit anywhere.

Do you know the hotel industry like the back of your hand, are you a genuine team player, and do have an open ear to your colleagues and partners? All that is what makes the management at Maritim what it is. Our hotel managers are the mind, heart and soul of their hotels. They're in charge of ensuring that overall operations run smoothly in all operational areas of the hotel, and are responsible for quality management. If you, too, are passionate about playing host to guests, then apply now for a job in hotel management.

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