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You've completed secondary school, vocational training or university studies and are ready for a career in the hotel business? Then, at Maritim, you're at the right place. We're very interested in what you've done so far, yet even more in what opportunities we can offer you. If you want to learn and achieve something, we're offering you a chance to grow with us. With even team structures at numerous locations in Germany, and with a custom-tailored continuing education and training programme, we pave the way for you to join in and inject your talents right from the start. Kick off your professional career together with us.

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Are you more of a night owl, and do you feel right at home among cocktails, long drinks and speciality coffees? Then we'll teach you how to prepare every drink to perfection. And for guests who aren't quite sure what's to their taste, you'll have a fitting recommendation at hand. Our bartenders win guests over with international classics and their own drink creations, advise on fitting wines, and delight everyone with a cheerful demeanour and inventiveness. 

Do you enjoy hosting and dining friends, and love good food and drinks? All of our service employees at Maritim work hand-in-hand on a wide range of tasks to set the stage so guests truly enjoy their stays with us. These activities involve everything from setting or preparing tables, accepting table reservations, and friendly table-waiting to preparing staff duty rosters and managing storage. Interesting jobs, well-pay and excellent opportunities for advancement are the hallmarks of service. Secure your dream job at Maritim, and come enchant our guests.

Does organising your next vacation or family celebration no longer satisfy your drive to host gatherings? How would it be with weddings, large events and conferences spread out over numerous event rooms? Our employees in charge of event operations are passionately dedicated to coordinating and supporting the functions and conferences we host, always with a smile on their faces. The perfect interplay of all the various areas of event activity lays the foundation for making each and every event an unforgettable experience for the guests attending. You'll certainly never get bored with this colourful and exciting segment of the hotel business.

Would you like to know the proper way to grill a steak, what spice you should combine with which ingredient, and how to arrange and decorate food on plates in instagrammable ways? Our employees in the kitchen always keep a cool head even in hot situations, and turn every dish into an exquisite experience. Whether from the buffet or à la carte: their skillful craftsmanship is seasoned with a pinch of creativity and a generous portion of team spirit.

Would you like every guest to have the room that fits them best, and every booking to be enhanced with a touch of magic? If so, our reservations team would really like to get to know you. Reservations staff receive and process requests for room reservations, handle offers, and act as our point of contact for any queries or matters to do with reservations. The reservations team also take charge of ensuring the fitting placement of available rooms on booking portals, thereby managing hotel occupancy. 

Do you have a knack for making any guest feel fully at ease, in no time at all? Are all the little details that turn an habitual, ordinary hello into an unusually effective and friendly greeting important to you? Then our reception desk is just the place for you. Our team is there for our guests, checking them in and out, warmly welcoming guests from around the world and helping to answer any questions. You will certainly never get bored, and it's the perfect place for anyone who likes working with people. Come reinforce our teams and seize the opportunity to take charge of any position – from shift supervisor to reception head.

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