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Are you itching to change careers, but uncertain whether Maritim is a good fit for you? To that, we say: of course it is! From hotel management assistant to event technician – we offer attractive entry-level career opportunities in many areas of the hotel business. Our hotel professionals will provide you with a targeted induction and support you with training so that you quickly feel at home in your new field of work and find your work enjoyable. Our even team structures let you fully unfold and develop, and quickly utilise opportunities for advancement. Find out more right away.

Here are some areas of work for career changer

Do you have a good eye for detail, and enjoy keeping things neat and orderly? Excellent! Then you already bring with you the best prerequisites for housekeeping. Our housekeeping team is responsible for ensuring that the public areas and guest rooms of the Maritim Hotels are clean and tidy, and coordinate all tasks involved with this duty. So, your scope of responsibility includes not only cleaning and quality control of all rooms, but also ordering and storing the goods needed to get the job done. 

Water and lighting systems and wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi) are your thing. If anything jams or breaks, you're there to fix it. Whether it's installing lamps or televisions, rectifying minor or even major technical problems, or doing some paint work – our house technicians get the job done. Regular training at the Maritim Academy and collaboration with the technical department at Maritim headquarters facilitate your work to ensure that all building service and IT systems run smoothly.

Is your best accessory your charming smile? Yet, you gladly assume not only the role of host, but also of advisor when choices prove difficult. In no other area of the hotel business are the ranges of tasks to be performed so varied as they are in service. Whether mornings at the breakfast buffet, lunchtime in the restaurant, evening duties in the hotel bar, or in our many event rooms. Our service employees not only have a good overview of all processes in our catering areas, but also maintain an open and friendly manner towards our guests.

Reception / Reservations
Welcome to Maritim. Our guests´ visit starts with you – whether on the telephone, by e-mail or in person at the hotel reception. Our reception and reservations staff take charge of our guests' hotel stays – from their booking inquiry right through to checking out of the hotel. The team at the reception look after our guests and answer all questions, while reservation operations are handled in the background. There is also a strong focus on employee leadership and coaching. If you're looking for a highly communicative activity, then we'll say to you as well: "Welcome to Maritim".

Questions & Information
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